[LAU] a new song

Raffaele Morelli raffaele.morelli at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 08:06:50 UTC 2012

2012/6/12 Thorsten Wilms <t_w_ at freenet.de>

> On 06/12/2012 07:05 AM, Jason Jones wrote:
>> Dave was kind enough to give me the session files to this great song,
>> and I happened to have a studio session cancel tonight, so I worked a
>> bit on this one.  Let me know what you guys think!  Done entirely in A3.
>> http://advancedbudgetstudios.**com/clients/testbed/On_Board_**
>> The_Blues.mp3<http://advancedbudgetstudios.com/clients/testbed/On_Board_The_Blues.mp3>
great! and now the drum is real!


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