[LAU] lists.ardour.org email config is broken -- was Re: how much is contained in the .ardour file

Marc-Olivier Barre marco at marcochapeau.org
Tue Jun 12 21:17:57 UTC 2012

On 2012-06-12 23:09, Marc-Olivier Barre wrote:
> Although something is certainly fishy with regards to the way the 
> ardour.org
> domain is configured. Even if an MX record must exist I can't seem to find 
> a
> corresponding IP (the MX is hostmaster.dreamhost.com, which does not seem 
> to
> have an A record...)
> I'll try to have another look in the morning. I only have a windows 
> machine
> here and I doubt windows can even resolve addresses properly :)


ok, I misread what nslookup was tring to tell me... let's forget abour this 
stupid MS tool. I took a look on my laptop to see what record really was 
there. it seems lists.ardour.org really doesn't have an MX record. Only 
ardour.org has. so now the question is, why the hell do the ardour mailing 
lists work :)

Dreamhost might have stepped on a cable on their end... :D

Marc-Olivier Barre
XMPP ID : marco at marcochapeau.org

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