[LAU] First single made with linux audio

mn0 mn0 at fukked-up.de
Sat Jun 16 12:36:31 UTC 2012

On 16.06.2012 00:17, S. Massy wrote:
> Hi, Mn0,
>> -get rid of default jamin settings in master insert, maybe bypass the
> Just curious, why use jamin over regular plugins?

1) Because it's simple.
I have three tracks twice as good as before with jamin in the time I
need to find an adequate plugin. I can save the settings and have a real
file, that is independent of the computer I'm on. Still don't know where
ardour saves all those presets, I once made. Have a real bunch of tom
and snare and vocal eq presets in ardour from older sessions, cannot
distinguish them well. Once I'm on my mobile pc, everything looks different.
2)Because it's cool... jamin is musical and intuitive. You have all eq,
multiband compression and limiter covered. You can see the compression
and eq curves.
3)Because you (at least I) don't have regular plugins that can do the same.
Yes, a parametric 3 band would do just as well as jamin eq, but my
parametric 3 band eq out of a sudden creates a permanent output of ~500
db. And still it's not graphic. Ok, you can make a lot of uncool things
with a 1024 band eq (phase shift)... well... who tells you to use them
all. You can do uncool things with regular plugins as well.

It has two downsides:
-routing has to be stored and loaded
-eats up a lot of cpu, exporting takes a lot of time

>> sum compression as originally intended.
>> -see if i get more snare out of it
>> -get some space for vocals in the center
>> -raise the vocal level
>> -raise high frequencies
> Consider taming your mids as Bret suggested first.
> Technical considerations aside, I find it pays to have a vision for your
> mix before ever adjusting a level or pan. Otherwise, it can be easy to
> become hung up on small technical matters and yet have little to show
> for it at mixdown.
> Cheers,
> S.M.

A vision is good, even before playing the first note.
For practical reasons, I have to mix from time to time while recording.
I don't spend too much time on it. Create a solid sound where you can
hear every instrument in 20 minutes (without jamin, that's later, when
recording is finished). The editing part is more time consuming. I
should optimize workflow for that starting with the recording.

The problem is taking the vision into reality.

It's just like painting a picture.
You have a vision of a picture of a wonderful woman...
You have colors and pencils and brushes and a canvas.
This time it's quality material. Not top, but well usable.
You know how to move a pencil on a canvas and how to use all the tools.

You start drawing the first lines...
...after a while you have something woman like.
But it's not the wonderful vision woman...
Your vision is blurred a little because you're looking at the picture
all the time.
You ask 100 people for their opinion.
50 ignore you, 30 press like, ten say it's quite ok but they don't like
this kind of paintings, five say it's a picasso ripoff, only worse...

I am here for the five that say "look, the perspektive is somewhat
wrong, it should be more like this and why don't you move the pencil in
waves and use a rubber gum to make it straight and btw make the nose

You guys gave me that advice, I really appreciate that.

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