[LAU] FireWire audio on Linux: past, present and future

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Sun Jun 17 01:45:11 UTC 2012

On 06/16/2012 03:25 PM, Danni Coy wrote:
> What it seems to be impossible to do is to find a laptop with a descent
> firewire chipset. I looked for ages when making my latest purchase and
> everything currently had either ricoh or jmicron. The laptop I got has
> jmicron and it locks up within a few seconds of connecting my firewire
> soundcard. Since then I have opted for a NI Komplete Audio 6 which has a
> reputation for "just works" on linux. It is also completely bus powered
> which means I can record without requiring mains power at all.

Here's what lspci reports for my laptop's Firewire port:

02:00.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): VIA Technologies, Inc. VT6306/7/8 [Fire 
II(M)] IEEE 1394 OHCI Controller (rev 80)

> Desktops I don't think are such a problem as you can firewire cards with
> which ever chipset you need in pci and pci express flavours.

If I can't make my laptop Firewire port work, I might try a PCI adapter 
in a slimline desktop machine I'm thinking of using instead.

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