[LAU] [ANN] AnalyseLV2, 1st release

S. Massy lists at wolfdream.ca
Tue Jun 19 19:52:12 UTC 2012

Hello, all,

I am pleased to release a very modest but, IMHO, useful little piece of
code I wrote last month, the first in many years.

What it is:
AnalyseLV2 is a PERL module, AnalyseLV2.pm, and a front-end script,
analyselv2, which parses the output of such utilities as lv2info and
lv2ls and outputs it in a format closely modelled on that of
analyseplugin for ladspa. I believe this makes using LV2 from the
command line, using such hosts as Ecasound, lv22file, and lv2proc, much
more straightforward. The backend module can also be used by other PERL
programmes (Joel Roth's Nama already uses it) to receive the information
pertaining to a given plugin already broken down in a key/value

You can get it at:

Please consult the README for installation instructions and basic

I hope it can be useful to a few command-liners out there.


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