[LAU] new mixes of a recent song

Ricardus Vincente wizardofgosz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 21:19:51 UTC 2012

On Tue, 2012-06-19 at 10:45 -0400, Dave Phillips wrote:

 Hello all, I would like to apologize to las, because I was not having
export issues in A3, *I* was having idiot issues. I had no idea the new
export dialog assigned filenames, so I stuck a filename in the path
(like I would in A2 and Mixbus) and A3 thought it was a badly named
directory, and didn't like it. I guess I need to RTFM a little more!

 Las actually put some time into finding this bug, which wasn't a bug,
when I know he had better things to do. Ah well.

 Anyway, here's my mix:



> Greetings,
> After putting up my last song I made the session available to anyone who 
> asked for it. Five intrepid souls downloaded it, three of whom have 
> already responded with their own improvements to the mix. Check 'em out, 
> they're all different, and IMO each one has its virtues and drawbacks. 
> Without further ado, the remixes :
>  From Jason Jones, drummer and owner/operator of Advanced Budget Studios :
>      http://advancedbudgetstudios.com/clients/testbed/On_Board_The_Blues.mp3
>  From Fons Adriaensen, DSP wizard and audio engineer par excellence, 
> based somewhere in Italy :
> http://kokkinizita.linuxaudio.org/linuxaudio/downloads/dp_onboardtheblues.mp3
>  From a user known to me only as McGruff on the A3 forum :
>      http://ccgi.mcgruff.plus.com/~mcgruff/music-old/misc/onboard-1.0.ogg
> And my original mix :
>      http://soundcloud.com/davephillips69/get-on-board-the-blues
>      http://linux-sound.org/audio/Get_On_Board_The_Blues.ogg
> Comments welcome.
> I'm waiting on mixes from Ricardus and Burkhard, but of course no-one is 
> under any obligation. If/when they complete their mixes I'll post them too.
> Thanks to everyone who replied to the announcement of this song, and 
> especially to the remixers. It's great fun listening to what others do 
> to my material.
> Btw, the vocal was a single take, with no autotune. :)
> Best,
> dp
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