[LAU] New and old music: More Bach

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Fri Jun 22 19:58:31 UTC 2012

i Massy!
   nI love Whacked Out Back. Thanks for the title, I'll quote you, when I've 
done it and then I'll rip you off and get not rich at all with it. :-)
   Yes, the filter on that synth sound wasn't completely to my liking. But it 
was early days with my synth and that was a factory patch, which I didn't 
quite manage to tweak to my satisfaction. Certainly Wendy Carlos was an 
influence there. I would have done the C Minor Prelude as well, but it always 
took me some time and effort to get it partly right, at the right speed. :-) 
that was the first Carlos piece I really fell in love with.
   Synthetically yours

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