[LAU] tiny and short chamber piece

ben brouits at free.fr
Sat Jun 23 12:04:40 UTC 2012

Hello gentlemen,

Last year i wrote a tiny and very short chamber piece with Nted and
'played' it through fluidsynth. Very few of my friends listened to it,
but today i'm in the mood for sharing it with you.

I've just listened it again, and found it a bit weird and funny.

Unfortunately, i lost the nted source score in my previous PC crash.
But i kept the hard-disk to recover the score some day in the future.

All that to say, Nted is nice in the way it converts score accents and
agogics into midi, so that the interpretation can appear almost natural
through the synths (despite the 'not so fine' standard sound fonts).

Comments welcomed of course.
- Ben

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