[LAU] My mix of Dave's Blues

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Tue Jun 26 21:10:12 UTC 2012

Hi Massy!
   Nice work. That sounds like Nama is getting an outing. :-)
   So youalso decided for the rather dry and small version, what I call 
singer/songwriter sound. did you add any reverb at all? If so, it was done 
very subtlely. For my liking it's a little to narrow in the stereo panorama. 
did you apply EQ'ing and/or filtering to the instruments?
   It's certainly a mix to listen to. But it still feels a little bass heavy 
(maybe around the good old 150Hz point, but not sure). It's definitely a 
working mix, in contrast to a working-mix, if you catch my meaning. Still I 
feel, that you might have used reverb a little more liberally overall. 
compression seems allright. In the beginning I had the feeling, that it 
sounded overcompressed, but that quickly disappated. If the sounds had a 
little more room to breathe, I feel, that it would also be transparent enough. 
So basically frequencies seem OK.
   But now, that all five mixes are supposedly in, I'd still vote for Jason's 
mix a smy favourite. Due to the drums of course, but also due to the general 
atmosphere, the room, the EQ'ing. Perhaps not totally faithful, to what there 
was originally, but very pleasant to the ear of the beholder, in that case 
being me. :-) No slamming of any other mix, there wasn't any mix among them, 
which I would happily take and listen to again. They were all in their own 
ways faithful to the piece.
   Warmly yours

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