[LAU] ANN: din 3.5, a Free software musical instrument for GNU/Linux.

S Jagannathan twitter at dinisnoise.org
Wed May 9 07:47:06 UTC 2012


Pleased to announce release 3.5 of din, a Free software musical 
instrument exclusively for GNU/Linux.

The key additions to this release are drones that trace lissajous 
figures and leave trails, mouse driven pitch bend on the 
keyboard-keyboard and more: http://dinisnoise.org/release_notes/

Download: http://dinisnoise.org/download/
Tutorial & Demo videos: http://dinisnoise.org/videos/

Just submitted Ubuntu packages for building at Launchpad:


If you have any problems installing din from packages or from source 
please let me know.  If you can help package din for various 
distributions would love to hear from you.


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