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Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Fri May 11 18:59:03 UTC 2012

Well since people were commenting on so many emails being written by one
person, Ill toss out one by me, even if it is a bit of a plug:)  I
apologize in advance if this is against the policy for the list, but I
couldn't find where that gets spelled out anywhere.  Of course now that I
have said that someone is likely to point out the blatantly obvious link I

Tube is an open movie project being made with open source tools primarily
(Not sure on the music, but the SFX definitely though I will likely be
using LinuxDSP etc. plugins).  It has just a few more days left in it's
funding drive, and while we hit the bare minimum goal, we are trying to
reach $50k all together.  The goal is to release the video with all sources
so that anyone can use them, and for my part this includes releasing the
SFX sessions and source files, I will be recording all of them for this
project for this purpose.  If anyone is interested you can find out more
info at the Kickstarter page or help fund it possibly.


I also am attaching a copy of the message I sent to Ardour-User close to a
month back explaining my own involvement and the plan for using Linux Audio
programs to do the SFX design.  Since then I have gotten the test version
of A3 compiling and running on my machine, and it is likely I will do the
final SFX design and possibly final mix in it as well, but Mixbus is being
used for the initial draft for animators to use for inspiration before I
re-record all the sounds.

Thanks for the noise...


Whenever an open movie gets made by the Blender institute, there seems to
always pop up a discussion in various places that deal with Linux Audio the
same question. "Why wasn't Ardour/etc. used to make this instead of
Logic?". While I won't go into the answers here, other than to say I agree
with Jan's thought process on this, I will say that there is an open movie
being made that is incorporating Ardour and Mixbus into it.

Tube is an open movie being made by a crew of people, many of whom are also
part of the Blender community, and Bassam was the director for the very
first open movie released by the Blender Institute, "Elephant's Dream".
While this open movie does not have anything directly to do with the
Blender Institute, I can say that it is being made with Ardour and Mixbus
for SFX design, taking another step into the realm of openness.

I can say this because I am working on the SFX for Tube in those programs
myself. The goal is to replace all of the current sounds with sounds I
record myself so that we can release all the sounds openly, and the
sessions as well, but for the moment I am using a mix of my own recordings
and library sounds as I am very short for time to go out and do field
recordings. None the less, we are attempting to finish up this movie this
year and have started fundraising for it if you want to help out and
participate.  You can find more info on the kickstarter page...


     aka Thomas Vecchione

PS. Yes the audio for the video was edited and mixed in Mixbus on Linux
with a variety of software plugins including restoration VSTs (WaveARTS)
via Festige, LinuxDSP plugins, and a few others.  Again credit to Robin for
the excellent Jadeo software, even if it seems to want to turn everyone in
the video into Smurfs while I am viewing in it, but I suspect that is more
due to a very out of date version.
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