[LAU] USB on ThinkPad T520

plutek plutek at infinity.net
Sun May 13 01:13:46 UTC 2012

From: Karsten Wiese <fzuuzf at googlemail.com>
Date: Sat, 12 May 2012 23:18:22 +0200

> 2012/5/12 Clemens Ladisch <clemens at ladisch.de>:
>> plutek wrote:
>>> i've been running AVLinux5.0.3 on a ThinkPad T61p for a while now....
>>> with an ART USB Dual Tube Pre, i can run Jack at 64 frames, 2 periods
>>> now i've got a new ThinkPad T520, and if i start jack on USB at 64*2
>>> i get hundreds of xruns in seconds.
>> Both machines run (I assume) the same software?  Then the problem is
>> with the hardware, or its drivers.
>> Please show the output of lspci and the contents of /proc/interrupts.
> Thinkwiki says its got a QM67. That does USB 1.1 via the "Rate
> matching hub" and EHCI.
> I guess linux's hub driver is the culprit.

hmmmm.... shame.... lenovo specs said, of course, "USB 2.0".

any way around this currently?


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