[LAU] Batch Convert .wav to .ogg and .mp3 with tags

Ivan K ivan_521521 at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 20:48:19 UTC 2012

Over the next few months, I will need to convert
a large number of .wav files to the .ogg and .mp3
formats.  Because of the large number of files,
I need to do this with scripts rather than
with a tool like audacity.

Sox works with the .ogg format fine but when trying to
convert to an .mp3 file I get the message:

   /usr/local/sox-14.3.1/src/.libs/lt-sox FAIL formats: no handler for file extension `mp3'

I realize that the mp3 format is proprietary, but I have the
libmp3lame library installed which allows audacity to work with
mp3 files.  Is there any way that sox can be configured with this
library to work with mp3?

Or is there  tool other than sox that people recommend?

Also, it would be very useful when doing these
conversions from .wav to .ogg and .mp3, to be able
to set some of the tags in the header.

Thank you for your help;

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