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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Mon May 14 20:16:51 UTC 2012

Am 11.05.2012 20:59, schrieb Thomas Vecchione:
> Well since people were commenting on so many emails being written by one
> person, Ill toss out one by me, even if it is a bit of a plug:)  I
> apologize in advance if this is against the policy for the list, but I
> couldn't find where that gets spelled out anywhere.  Of course now that I
> have said that someone is likely to point out the blatantly obvious link I
> missed:)
> Tube is an open movie project being made with open source tools primarily
> (Not sure on the music, but the SFX definitely though I will likely be
> using LinuxDSP etc. plugins).  It has just a few more days left in it's
> funding drive, and while we hit the bare minimum goal, we are trying to
> reach $50k all together.  The goal is to release the video with all sources
> so that anyone can use them, and for my part this includes releasing the
> SFX sessions and source files, I will be recording all of them for this
> project for this purpose.  If anyone is interested you can find out more
> info at the Kickstarter page or help fund it possibly.
> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1331941187/the-tube-open-movie

Amazing! The 3rd Kickstarterproject I saw in the last few weeks that 
reached a sum by far beyond its initial goal!

I gave a humble donation to KDEnlive refactoring, that went over the top 
as well and Laura Palmer beats everything I have seen so far:


more than 6 (!!) times the initial goal of 100K (...)

There is hope out there indeed....

> I also am attaching a copy of the message I sent to Ardour-User close to a
> month back explaining my own involvement and the plan for using Linux Audio
> programs to do the SFX design.  Since then I have gotten the test version
> of A3 compiling and running on my machine, and it is likely I will do the
> final SFX design and possibly final mix in it as well, but Mixbus is being
> used for the initial draft for animators to use for inspiration before I
> re-record all the sounds.
> Thanks for the noise...
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Whenever an open movie gets made by the Blender institute, there seems to
> always pop up a discussion in various places that deal with Linux Audio the
> same question. "Why wasn't Ardour/etc. used to make this instead of
> Logic?". While I won't go into the answers here, other than to say I agree
> with Jan's thought process on this, I will say that there is an open movie
> being made that is incorporating Ardour and Mixbus into it.
> Tube is an open movie being made by a crew of people, many of whom are also
> part of the Blender community, and Bassam was the director for the very
> first open movie released by the Blender Institute, "Elephant's Dream".
> While this open movie does not have anything directly to do with the
> Blender Institute, I can say that it is being made with Ardour and Mixbus
> for SFX design, taking another step into the realm of openness.
> I can say this because I am working on the SFX for Tube in those programs
> myself. The goal is to replace all of the current sounds with sounds I
> record myself so that we can release all the sounds openly, and the
> sessions as well, but for the moment I am using a mix of my own recordings
> and library sounds as I am very short for time to go out and do field
> recordings. None the less, we are attempting to finish up this movie this
> year and have started fundraising for it if you want to help out and
> participate.  You can find more info on the kickstarter page...
> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1331941187/the-tube-open-movie
>     Seablade
>       aka Thomas Vecchione
> PS. Yes the audio for the video was edited and mixed in Mixbus on Linux
> with a variety of software plugins including restoration VSTs (WaveARTS)
> via Festige, LinuxDSP plugins, and a few others.  Again credit to Robin for
> the excellent Jadeo software, even if it seems to want to turn everyone in
> the video into Smurfs while I am viewing in it, but I suspect that is more
> due to a very out of date version.
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