[LAU] Rosegarden crashes on startup after arch-update

Yosef Werner yw.werner at gmail.com
Thu May 17 18:55:45 UTC 2012

To see the Bug Report:


The answer from Rosegarden:

*The backtrace seems like it agrees with what you describe.
ladspa_guitarix.so was doing some glibmm call which in turn called into
glib. Looks like g_private_replace() decided to abort(). So it may be
that glib/glibmm was updated on your system and there's a bug in one of

I would try to fix it by first building and installing the latest guitarix
from sourceforge. If that doesn't work, try building and installing the
latest glib/glibmm. Might be tricky, though. Can you go back to the older
versions that worked?

**Reporting this to your distro might also be helpful. They might already be
aware of a problem with one of their patches.
Most of audio programs in arch-linux (I think its the same at other distros*)
were provided from the community, here AUR. This is in one hand
positiveand innovative.But it brings on the other side instability,
like in our case and we are in
a production.

My questions are how can i find older versions of this programs
(glib/glibmm/guitarix) until the bug is fixed or how I can handle in future
a "last best system" ?

*Thanks a lot,

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