[LAU] Track Cue List, "Red Book" CD Mastering, and CD burning

Leigh Dyer lsd at wootangent.net
Fri May 18 11:20:55 UTC 2012

On 18/05/12 4:01 PM, Kevin Cosgrove wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need to master an audio CD of a live concert.  I'm doing the
> mixing in Ardour, and that's going just fine.  But, I have
> questions for some upcoming steps.
>    - In the export section of Ardour (I'm using 2.8) I've seen
>      stuff about exporting CD markers, or something to that
>      effect.  How is that used?
>    - I need to burn a CD that's got song markers, but no gaps
>      because that sounds strange (to me) in a live show.  Is
>      that controlled by Ardour, or the burning program, or
>      both?  How?
>    - What Linux CD burning program(s) can make use of the CD cue
>      info exported by Ardour?
>    - I need to make my master CD conform to "Red Book" standard.
>      What Linux CD burning program(s) will do that?  One thing I'm
>      told about "Red Book" standard, for instance, is that track
>      one starts at -2.0 seconds, with the audio beginning at 0.0
>      seconds.

The basic steps involved in the above are:

* create a new Ardour session and import the mixed-down versions of each 
of the tracks you want on the CD
* arrange your imported tracks in to whatever order you want, with 
whatever gaps etc. you want between them
* add CD track markers at the start of each of your imported tracks on 
the timeline (including track 1)
* export the entire session as a single WAV file with accompanying TOC 
or CUE file
* use "cdrdao" to burn the WAV to disc, using the TOC/CUE file

As far as conforming to Red Book goes, the advice I've seen is to leave 
at least two seconds of blank audio before track 1; that is, before the 
first track marker that you place on the timeline.

When I did this recently, I used this as my guide:


and wrote up some of my own notes about it here:


Hope that helps!


> Any advice people?
> Thanks...
> --
> Kevin
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