[LAU] Mac Mini? (or, am I an idiot?)

Leigh Dyer lsd at wootangent.net
Fri May 18 21:40:16 UTC 2012

On 19/05/12 7:23 AM, Josh Lawrence wrote:
> Hi again list, sorry so noisy lately -
> I've got a Mac Mini.  It's really nice, was bought late last year, 8
> GB RAM, fast processor, etc.  I love OS X, but I really, really,
> really miss Linux.  I've been enjoying Tango Studio (an Ubuntu
> derivative), and would like to install it on my Mac Mini.
> Is this stupid?

Nope! I have Linux installed on my Macbook Air, and while I don't use it 
a whole lot, it works just fine.

>  From what I've been reading, getting this to work is a mix of BootCamp
> and rEFIt (http://refit.sourceforge.net/).  Has anyone done this, and
> if so, what was the experience like?

Yep, that's pretty much it -- use Mac OS X's partitioning tools to 
resize your OS X partition to give yourself some free space to work 
with, install rEFIt, and then just boot from the install CD of your 
choice. As long as your selected distro supports all of the hardware, 
the install process isn't much different to a standard PC -- just make 
sure you install the boot loader on to your Linux partition, rather than 
the disk's MBR.

If Tango Studio isn't modern enough to support all of the Mac Mini's 
hardware, you might have better luck with something like Ubuntu 12.04.


> Thanks list.
> Josh
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