[LAU] state of jamin

Jeremy Jongepier jeremy at autostatic.com
Sun May 20 19:17:45 UTC 2012

On 05/20/2012 05:12 PM, Atte André Jensen wrote:
> On 2012-05-20 00:21, Jason Jones wrote:
>> I then went to mixbus and found
>> the LinuxDSP suite of LV2 plugins to be exceptional (para-EQ with
>> mult-band compressor). Works like a charm.
> Ok, so more people use these. Thanks for the info.
> They are closed source, and commercial right? As I rarely use lv2 I'm
> not really keen on paying for them for this single project, are there
> free alternatives (mostly eq, comp and reverb) with gui I should look
> for? I tried eq10q, but had trouble with the gui, not sure if I'm doing
> something wrong or there's a bug, wasn't able to dial in anything, the
> gui seemed unresponsive...

Hello Atte,

+1 when it comes to using plug-ins. More flexible, more choice. Short 
list of open source plug-ins that I use:
EQ: lv2fil
Compression: Calf, Invada, SC3/4 (LADSPA but afaik the SC4 is also 
available as an LV2 plug-in)
Reverb: TAL-Reverb, lv2-ir, FreeVerb3, TAP Reverberator

I do have some linuxDSP plug-ins also (mainly EQ and compression) and 
they are well worth considering, also for any future projects.



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