[LAU] denoising audio files

Jaromír Mikeš mira.mikes at gmail.com
Thu May 24 10:33:16 UTC 2012

2012/5/21 Fons Adriaensen <fons at linuxaudio.org>:

> :-) Very flattering, but don't expect a single-click solution for
> something as volatile as removing unwanted noises from a recording.
> In some cases (and more often than one would think) it's just a
> matter of some EQ, in other cases a simple noise gate can do the
> trick, and sometimes you'll need a multiband expander using pre-
> measured statistics. It also depends on how the result is going
> to be used afterwards.

What about take sample of "clean noise" (usually on beginning of
recorded track) and use some phase cancellation trick to add sampled
noise in opposite phase.
Can this work on constant noise?

Just theory.


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