[LAU] 60x60, UnTwelve mix, etc.

Aaron Krister Johnson aaron at akjmusic.com
Fri May 25 20:39:20 UTC 2012

Hi Linux audio folk and CSounders:

It's still not too late to register and submit a 60second (or slightly
shorter) work for the 2012 60x60 submissions process.


We are especially eager to see works using alternate tunings or
temperaments (i.e., don't use 12-tone equal temperament), so if you do such
things, don't forget to check "UnTwelve Mix" when you apply! Other mixes of
interest: Athena Mix (for women composers), Ear-to-Earth mix (themes of
sustainability and ecology and field recordings).....and of course, the
best of the best of any submissions get picked for the International Mix.

The deadline is currently set to be May 31st.

More about Vox Nous and the 60x60 flagship series and its mission:

Looking forward to hearing your works!

Aaron Krister Johnson
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