[LAU] jack2 turned verbose

mark hadman markhadman at googlemail.com
Wed May 30 23:00:35 UTC 2012

On 29 May 2012 08:05, David Adler <david.jo.adler at gmail.com> wrote:
> Since a few weeks I have issues with jack2 on Arch
> 1. It's gone pretty verbose, filling any terminal from where a jack
> application was started with lots of messages. These mingle with
> the client's output, rendering it more or less unreadable.
> Neither --silent nor the --verbose flag change the amount of jack's
> output.
> 2. It behaves as if the -T (--temporary) flag where given, i.e. exits
> once all clients have closed their connections.
> Some example output, which is the result of jack2 started with
> jackd -d alsa -d hw:0 -p 128 -n 3, then starting and quitting mplayer.
> http://sebsauvage.net/paste/?6fd645cc70f83404#8NHeh0ASRuLREkgFbPBNMRi4M8C35YAFN2NOQxZLBjk=
> Arch currently provides 1.9.8, but this seems unrelated to the version.
> Downgrading to older jack versions or package releases does not fix
> this, despite those having been perfectly fine at the time.
> Compiling locally and experimenting with configure flags didn't help
> either.
> Searching the web&Arch fora brought nothing up,
> so here I am, asking for help.
> best,
> david
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I have the same verbose behaviour problem with jack2 on Arch Linux 64 bit.

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