[LAU] M-Audio Delta 1010lt SPDIF Clock Source

Christoph Kuhr christoph.kuhr at web.de
Sun Apr 14 10:34:49 UTC 2013


the audiophile has no wordclock input :-/
There has to be a way to get those in and outputs in sync!
I do not want to have another ADC/DAC in the audio chain, even if with 
todays ADC/DACs its not much of a quality loss, but there is some 
quality loss...
And it has some additional latency too...
For this reasons I bought the VST plugin and not the analog outboard gear.


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Subject: Re: [LAU] M-Audio Delta 1010lt SPDIF Clock Source 
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    Hello Christoph! A stupid answer, but maybe worth it: Does the
    Audiophilbe also have an input for wordclock (the big round jack)?
    Another alternative, which doesn't really solve the problem, is to
    connect one computer with the other through good old analogue
    cables. I hope, that this might be of some help to you. Warmly yours


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