[LAU] [New music]: Joy for Joy - a musical joke

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Mon Aug 5 22:04:37 UTC 2013

Hello Gabriel!
   Cheers mate! It's good to now, that I seem to have achieved my goal there. 
   The voice is me. Recorded very dry, processed through the TAP tubewarmth 
plugin, added some filtering, EQ'ing, lots of lovely compression (with the 
Invada compressor) and some limiting with the TAP limiter.
   The drumkit will be a disappointment. It's a loop. In this song I only 
played the breaks live and even those were played on my Roland JV-1080. BUT... 
the drumkit for that loop was a Roland TR-909. The name of the loop is a 
slight give away S2S 909. :-) The bassdrum appears to be pitched up a little 
(from the original machine), the clap and rimshot are reverbed on a separate 
track. The hihats sound a little more like TR-808. The other high poing sound, 
could be a very high pitch bassdrum or a separate instrument/sound of the 
original TR-909. Unfortunately there aren't many drum machines right now, that 
faithfully immitate the 909. MFB did one, always forget if it is the 522 or 
503. One of them has just gone of the shelves, at least at musicstore. the 
next best current thing is much more expensive. There's the MFB Tanzbaer, 
which is very new and I don't really know yet, wat it can do. And there is the 
Jomox MBase 999, which is rather more expensive. We're talking 700-900 EUR. 
the 522 and 503 are/were around 250 EUR. Most of the others, that I had seen, 
emulated the TR-808, which is easier, because that didn't have any samples 
inside. But of course there are good samples of those classics boxes online. 
Perhaps you can build yourself a satisfactory kit from those.
   Warm regards


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