[LAU] [Music] Two little tracks

Alf Haakon Lund alf at mellomrommet.no
Tue Aug 6 13:35:56 UTC 2013

On 05. aug. 2013 17:47, Florian Paul Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> getting back into Renoise a bit lately. So here's two rough cuts. One is
> more experimental than the other :D
> https://soundcloud.com/fps-2/check-refrac
> https://soundcloud.com/fps-2/whence
> Have fun,
> Flo

The check track wasn't my cup of tea, too much of what I connect to 
"techno" - lots of sounds, but not much really happening.

Strange then, that the same could be said about whence, as I like that 
one a lot more. It has a vibe of 70's minimalistic krautrock and a more 
organic feel I think. Almost like it could be played on acoustic 

Thx for sharing!


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