[LAU] Decompressor for linux?

Fons Adriaensen fons at linuxaudio.org
Mon Aug 12 10:28:11 UTC 2013

On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 06:28:44PM +1000, Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:

>     http://guillaume.perrin74.free.fr/ChalmersMT2012/Papers/JAES_52(10)_2004_IF_SubjectiveInvestigation.pdf
>     http://web.uvic.ca/~hgiesbre/499/13763.pdf

The techniques described in boht papers are fairly standard,
and are used in e.g. DRC.

In both cases the response to be inverted is known (a measured 
room or loudspeaker response).



A world of exhaustive, reliable metadata would be an utopia.
It's also a pipe-dream, founded on self-delusion, nerd hubris
and hysterically inflated market opportunities. (Cory Doctorow)

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