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On 08/14/2013 06:10 AM, J. Liles wrote:
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>     Hey fellas!
>     This time talking of getting tired to file bug reports, get the
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> Wow. OK. Well, let me say a few things from the other perspective. The
> point you keep repeating is that youre 'tired of filing bug reports'.
> Well, how do you think a developer who spends decades of their lives
> making something and giving it away for free, when 90% of the feedback
> they get is in the form of complaining? Don't you imagine that that
> would become far more tiresome than filling out a bug report every
> couple of months? If you consider the time that the developer of the
> software your using has spent in order to give it to you FOR FREE, and
> OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF THEIR HEARTS--years or decades of their nights
> and weekends, how does that compare to the few minutes it takes you to
> file a report? I say this to put your grievances in perspective--because
> it's quite clear that you really have no idea how petty it sounds to
> someone who is not currently as enraged with frustration as you are.
> Now, let's talk about that frustration. I know it well. In fact, anyone
> who uses software at all knows it well. You single out free software and
> linux audio, but believe me, the bugs are by now means limited to that
> domain.

I've watched a friend of mine go through 3 different Windows systems, 
with the aid of vendors that deal exclusively in systems for pro audio 
use - and still not have a usable, bug-free system.

Biggest complaint I have about Microsoft is they've somehow convinced 
people that problems with software and computers are "normal". "Just 
shut down and restart."

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