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Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Wed Aug 14 22:13:58 UTC 2013

On 08/14/2013 04:00 AM, Louigi Verona wrote:
> Hey fellas!
> This time talking of getting tired to file bug reports, get the 
> podcast here:
> http://www.louigiverona.ru/?page=projects&s=writings&t=linux&a=linux_podcast 
> <http://www.louigiverona.ru/?page=projects&s=writings&t=linux&a=linux_podcast>
> Would be interested in what you think!

Hey Louigi,

I feel your frustration. I don't like it when things break, especially 
during a performance or recording. However, I'm not sure what you're 
want to accomplish by declaring that too much software is broken *and* 
that you're not going to take part in the fix-up process, at least not 
by making bug reports.

But the plain fact remains that for *your* purposes it's true that there 
really is too much unfinished stuff out there. You come from a world 
where music software  is packaged neat and ready to roll, and you are 
now trying to reach your musical goals in a world where no such 
packaging exists as a matter of course. Frankly, I probably wouldn't 
bother. I was initially attracted to Linux because of the software it 
ran well, and fortunately for me it suited my musical tendencies. Today, 
most of the software I use - Csound, Ardour, LADSPA, SuperCollider, etc 
- is well-established and well-maintained, with large and active 
development and user groups. You're using some of the latest things to 
evolve in the Linux audio world, e.g. synth plugins and pattern-based 
audio sequencers, most of which things have been in consistent 
development on Windows and/or the Mac for many years. Unfortunately for 
you and other musicians working in your artistic domains attention in 
Linux audio has been paid to other directions. I do see things improving 
in your direction, but only by fits and starts, hence the many 
unfinished/broken projects. Alas, beyond bug reports, I have no 
suggestions that will radically or readily improve the situation, though 
I do seriously advise using money - a.k.a. the universal solvent - as an 



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