[LAU] LMMS made Trap and Drum & Bass

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Sun Aug 18 05:48:32 UTC 2013

Hello Harry!
   First I ahve to thank you for the supplied "direct download" links and even 
for wav-files!
   The songs themselves basicly appeal to me in so far as they are both in a 
minor key. I like the synth of the first song. I didn't know trap as a genre. 
Though having heard it now, I think, I've heard it before, though not in such 
a prominent position. It works very well with all the sounds, that you've used 
for it.
   The drum and bass piece is less to my liking. The rhythm is there, although 
it might hve had more breaks. The whole arrangement sounds rather bleak, 
almost empty. the bass might have been better off a little more up front. the 
emptiness? Perhaps the beat is too empty? A cymbal might have been nice. I 
can't lay my finger on it really. But the drumkit certainly is delivered too 
dry somehow. That might mean effects or different sounds all together. the 
idea is sound and good. Small and flowing, not overwhelming the listener, 
which it shouldn't in that genre.
   Thank you for sharing those two! It's interesting to see the basic 
generator/production files shared. Not very often that happens. If I had LMMS, 
I'd definitely get them and had some fun...
   Kind regards


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