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On Aug 18, 2013 2:04 AM, "Brent Busby" <brent at keycorner.org> wrote:
> The ironic thing about all of this is that the most potent rock
subculture ever, the psychedelic period in the 60's, was very political,
and happened in an evironment that's very similar to where we are now --
questionable foreign wars, questionable executive branch practices (from
both parties), massive popular disapproval of the US government. Except
this time, music and art is strangely silent about it all.  One would think
in times like these, artists would not need to be coaxed to make a

I just chanced across a quote that seems relevant:


On what [Patrick Flanery] wants readers to take away from Fallen Land

"I wanted the book to speak to a kind of crisis in neighborliness, and
thinking about the ways in which people are becoming so inward-looking, and
the ways in which it's incredibly easy — I think in part because of
technology — not to think about what's happening around us. And that's not
just thinking about security but thinking about who needs help. So it's
almost about a crisis of empathy with the people that we should be looking
out for but who we fail to look out for in fairly fundamental ways."

... inward-looking... it's incredibly easy not to think about what's
happening around us...

I'm guilty of that myself.

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