[LAU] New laptop - advice needed

Peder Hedlund peder at musikhuset.org
Mon Aug 19 17:44:36 UTC 2013

Quoting Atte André Jensen <atte at youmail.dk>:

> I'm replacing my lenovo X61s (dualcore 1.6Ghz) laptop, mostly due to a
> hard drive that's starting to fail and need some advice.

If it's mostly due to hard drive failure and works reasonably well  
otherwise (and is able to run all the softwart you want) why not just  
buy a new drive?
Lenovo's are dead easy to swap drives in - remove one screw, yank out  
the old drive and pop in the new.

Or buy a new drive for the X61, buy a new computer to run the programs  
on and use netjack to send the audio to the X61/FA-66

  - Peder

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