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J. Liles malnourite at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 15:50:16 UTC 2013

On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 1:25 AM, Tim Goetze <tim at quitte.de> wrote:

> [J. Liles]
> >The other part of the problem is that (at least LADSPA) plugins are
> >distributed in huge batches, all together in one .so with say 5
> >usable plugins and 30 that either do nothing, crash the host, or make
> >horrible tweater destroying noises.
> You have reported these problems to the plugin authors, right?
> Because if you haven't, you're doing exactly what you criticise Louigi
> for: public dismissal with no opportunity for the developer to fix the
> issue.

Ha! I spend my time developing for linux audio, friend, which is not
something OP can say. My time is better spent designing and developing and
fixing bugs, rather than complaining about them.

(but no, before you say it, I'm not going to fix your plugins for you)

I'd be surprised to hear of a developer of a substantive LADSPA bundle
> who would ignore such grave issues, the occasionally experimental,
> amateur or plain basic character of some endeavours notwithstanding.
> Please name those LADSPA bundles where you find six out of seven
> plugins to "do nothing, crash the host, or make horrible tweater[sic]
> destroying noises" while their authors ignore your reports.
> If you can't, your quote constitutes plain slander, and how much good
> can that possibly do?

Plugins are poorly or copletely undocumented encapsulations of code
snippets with generally vague authorship. Should I report the problem to
the person named in the Maker field or to the publisher of the textbook the
forumla came out of?

Unlike, OP, I'm actually doing something constructive with my time and
don't have enough of it to go through reporting the issues with 150
individual plugins. How am I supposed to even file a bug report when the
only hint at what the plugin is even supposed to accomplish is in its name?
Maybe it's supposed to blow up tweeters. I don't know.

Frankly, this discussion was never about plugins. And talking about them is
more than a little off topic. What, exactly are you hoping to accomplish?

The fact that most plugins are useless is in no way related to my argument.
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