[LAU] [New music]: Days of Borrowed Time

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Tue Aug 20 22:49:55 UTC 2013

Hello everyone!
   Here is the serious piece of electronic music. Rather more depressive than I 
would have predicted.
   First though I have to express my gratitude to Alison Utter for the sweet 
vocals, that she has supplied. Thanks! And then we have the links:
   And the lyrics:
   Or you can access it all from the music page:
   Now about that song: technically speaking I used a lot of Midish and Nama. 
And for the first time I really came to appreciate Ecasound's LV2-support. So 
also a big thanks to Jeremy Salwen, who contributed that feature!
   Musically, this is a mixture of different influences. I'm still not sure, if 
it should be categorised as pop or electronica. there's some dubstep in this, 
as well as some hiphop - in German! :-) - and some basic depressive pop. As to 
instruments used: almost everything I have at my disposal. In software I only 
used LinuxSampler for the Solina sample. Thanks to the friend, who made a 
present of it to me! It's a versatile instrument!
   This latest experiment concluded, I will just lean back and relax. As ever: 
feedback is very welcome!
   Warm regards and enjoy


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