[LAU] [new music] cypherpunks coaster / crypto p and "waiting for the sun"

Florian Paul Schmidt mista.tapas at gmx.net
Wed Aug 21 16:28:30 UTC 2013

On 21.08.2013 18:06, Rafal Zawadzki wrote:
> Hey,
> last days I was working on these tune, and probably would work bit 
> more - but having some changes in my life I decided to postpone few 
> projects and publish not finished ones...
> Tunes have been produces with the Renoise and Ubuntu + Drums Sumple + 
> one jungle loop, one party when Linux was not involved - I resampled 
> few sounds from one properiaty synth on osx... (Z3Ta+2 actually)...
> So, for people who likes hard hitting things:
> https://soundcloud.com/bluszcz/cypherpunks-coaster-crypto-p
> but if you are more into decadence - perhaps you should try this one ;)
> https://soundcloud.com/bluszcz/waiting-for-the-sun-not
> Enjoy,
> bluszcz


I enjoyed the first tune. Pretty hardcore :D The second one's vocals 
were kinda muffled and the overall mix didn't speak to me..

Have fun,

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