[LAU] [LAD] [ANN] CAPS 0.9.12

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Sat Aug 24 19:56:47 UTC 2013

[Fons Adriaensen]

>On Sat, Aug 24, 2013 at 03:14:14PM +0200, Tim Goetze wrote:
>> Eq4p, a four-way parametric equaliser
>> http://quitte.de/dsp/caps.html#Eq4p
>The F slider switching between its extremes when using the 
>mouse wheel is of course a bug in A3. But it still provides
>valid input to the plugin (which could come from automation
>or MIDI as well).

Thanks a lot for the evaluation and the problem report; I hope this
hasn't caused damage to your ears (which I value highly!) or
equipment.  It adds to the evidence that implementing thorough control
smoothening is inevitable in the long run.

>Apart from this, it also produces multiplicative LF noise
>at some low frequency settings. This is typical for type of
>filter used.

I haven't been able to measure such noise at anywhere near audible
levels, not even when followed by high-gain saturation.  If you have,
can you point out an input signal and settings that can provoke it?

Thank you,

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