[LAU] Jack users - how many channels do you want with PA module-jackdbus-detect?

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Tue Feb 26 12:46:03 UTC 2013

I'd like to put out a question.
What would seem like the most common channel configuration when using the  

module-jackdbus-detect is a module that will detect when jackdbus starts,  
and automatically creates a Pulseaudio sink and source for jack. It's a  
part of the pulseaudio source, and is separated into its own package on  
Debian based distros, called pulseaudio-module-jack.
Currently, it will create as many channels for its sink and source,  
separately, as there are channels on your audio device.
Also, it follows the standard model for surround audio, so if you have 8  
channels, the module will create a 7.1 interface for the sink and source.
In the case where you have 8 in and 2 out, the module will create 7.1 sink  
and stereo source.
In the case where you have more than 8 channels, it will create 7.1 and  
add connections named "aux" for each additional channel.

There's now a patch in PA 3.0, written by Peter Nelson, that allows us to  
configure how many channels PA should have for both in and out at once.
I'm proposing to have the module be stereo by default. Would this be what  
people want?

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