[LAU] asoundrc questions

John Murphy rosegardener at freeode.co.uk
Tue Jan 1 14:42:40 UTC 2013

On Tue, 1 Jan 2013 08:51:45 +0000, Ben Bell wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 01, 2013 at 03:07:56AM +0000, John Murphy wrote:
> > > The .asoundrc will make it possible for jack to see the two cards, though
> > > if you read the thread on the two deltas, you will understand it is not
> > > perfect :) It works better for some people than others.
> > Thanks; yes I had a look at that thread, but it seemed to be concerned
> > with synchronisation, where that wasn't a feature of the cards. I have
> It *is* supposed to work with Delta cards too. They're synched by S/PDIF or
> wordclock but for Jack to use open cards at once you need the ALSA multi
> trick, and that's where we're finding the problens.

Thanks. I've read the Jrigg article which Len linked to, so it's all
a little clearer now. I'm optimistically hoping the quality of lock
with RME cards, and smaller project size, will mean I don't get the
problems you've encountered, initially at least.

One noticeable difference between the .asoundrc for two 9652s I've
been trying and the Jrigg example is that the latter doesn't use
semicolons, where the former does. I guess they're optional/ignored.

Do your two cards always get the same card number allocations after
a reboot? Mine do not, which is why I want to use an alias assigned
by Udev rather than card 0 (hw:0)...


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