[LAU] Francesco Biadene EP - made with Linux

Lorenzo Cecchi cecchilorenzo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 00:27:32 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I just want to share some songs recorded, mixed and mastered a couple of
months ago by me, using Linux (Ardour on Ubuntu).


They're taken from Francesco Biadene's first EP, a young and talentuos song
writer/guitarist, from Pistoia, center of Italy.

It's my first work. I've understood a lot of mistakes i made in recording
and mastering (like too much compression, a little bit confusion on the low
freq and other bigger or smaller things to correct).
But any advice, comment, question, insult!.. about the technical part of
the stuff is really welcome.

pps. unfortunatly soundcloud is the only "place" the songs are uploaded in
the www for now. i'm managing to make Francesco do the "Jamendo's step".

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