[LAU] L_ProAudio: A Linux Proaudio FrameWork with improved Wine/kernel(rt) support

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 09:18:22 UTC 2013


I tried to announce on the announce list - but no dice. I am subbed,
have been for a long time. still fails...oh well.

I've been working on a fun and worthwhile project and would like a
broader testing audience. (dog-fooding, testing, feedback). So far a
few people are aware here and there, but i thought i would share here

L_ProAudio: consists of 2 main components;

1. L_pa-kernel: 3.6.11-rt25 with additional _bunch_ of patches. It is
a high-performance RT kernel setup _specifically_ for proaudio *and*
Wine(not upstream). It contains patches from Bao Mao, Muse Research,
and others. I have it tweaked nicely. it not packaged specifically for
xyz distro, although for archlinux,

2. L_pa-Wine: this is a highly multi-threaded version of wine that
deprecates wine-rt patch. It handles multi-threading for wine VST/ASIO
like a beast. It is my re-implementation of Muse Receptor GPL'd Wine
Patchset :) ...

I've also tweaked wine a bit by patching it to add the abiliaty to map
your Windows 'desktop' color to menu lines (it's usually hard-coded to
something, so you are stuck). This allows easier theming (screenshot @

there are many bug fixes, vast improvements in most areas. note: it
doesn't magically make _all_ vsts run. but you should see great

new env variables (to enable new model);


anyway, i won't be much help for your 'distro-specific' help, but i am
certain, people whom have a little skill if they run into minor
problems, don't mind dogfooding a little for _great_ bountry, will
enjoy this one.

NOTE: this is a two part system. Wine is tailared for linux, linux is
tailered for wine and native proaudio (i've been using/building this
code for a while and re-based onto upstream -rt and wine 1.5.20, as
well as solved a reasonable latency/bottleneck issue - that makes me
want to release and start this project.

I'll be setting up a wiki shortly, with more information

feel free to contact me - and please run both, provide feedback, patches, etc.


Ps: Enjoy.

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