[LAU] Free sample collection online

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Fri Jan 4 14:45:08 UTC 2013

Hello everyone!
   this is not really Linux-Audio since only four of these sounds were directly 
recorded into a Linux box. The rest was recorded with a Zoom H4N. First her's 
the link:
   the samples are provided under the terms of the Creative Commsn Attribution 
Non-Commercial license, just like those of freesound.org. Still, I'd be very 
grateful, if someone would drop me a link, when they use them, because I'm a 
curious bugger. :-)
   These are samples of bird songs, me walking through the village, walking 
staircases up and down, crossing corridors, the morning routine in the 
bathroom, a visit to the boiler room... They should be usable as background 
sounds in radioplays or movies or whatever.
   They are not edited in any way, so you will always have to cut the beginning 
and the end. Otherwise, it's stereo (mostly with the H4N buil-tin microphone 
twisted to a 120 degree angle), all that in CD quality. If you need something, 
there are flac files here.
   Enjoy and spread if you like. - As ever feedback is still welcome.
   Warmly yours


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