[LAU] CAPS 0.9.3 and 0.4.6

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Fri Jan 4 23:54:47 UTC 2013

thank you very much for your kind words, Julien.  

i hope the new versions won't disappoint you; many have evolved quite
a ways since the last major release.  perhaps not everybody will feel
this way but i think they're a lot better now than they ever were;
certainly the new amp (2592) and cabinet (2606) are miles ahead of
anything i've made before.  they also sound great on a Rhodes, and
from the way you play it in your "seventies" radioplays i gather you
really like that instrument (as do i, thanks for sharing those

then again, and this i find quite interesting, playing the guitar
through the box at 64 / 44.1 is just fine for me (as it is for anyone
who tried it so far, 'amateur' and 'pro' musicians alike), but with
the keyboard i find the latency rather uncomfortable (i don't ask
anyone to try it though).

incidentally, have you, in your journeys, stumbled across a good
software Rhodes?  Dave's Incunabular sounded good but i'm looking for
something with less elegance, more of a gritty and buttery kind.

>  A long absence, that you have shown us. But if you always come back like
> that, take your breaks, when ever you feel like it. :-) Thanks for the new
> releases. I've pulled and compiled them both. I'd have to see, which plugins
> were discontinued. I'm quite particular to a few of your plugins and I wouldn't
> like to miss them. :-)
>  Kind regards
>          Julien
> ----------------------------------------
> http://juliencoder.de/nama/music.html

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