[LAU] Ensoniq ASR-10 Boot Disk Required

Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Sat Jan 5 18:26:11 UTC 2013

On Saturday 05 January 2013 13:22:27 Nick Copeland did opine:
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> Hi All,
> Just got my ASR-10 back from a few years on loan. Somewhere down the
> line, probably at some gig, they lost the Iomega ZIP-100 and the
> original set of floppies I had. These are nigh on impossible to
> recreate since they are not actually any windows format to make them
> Ensoniq bootable. Does anybody have a 3.5 boot disk with a version of
> OS later than 2.01 (I think this was the version that supported the
> SCSI driver). I will happily pay postage and all that. I want to get
> this running to work on the Bristol CS-80 emulator using the
> polypressure features of the ASR. Kind regards, nick

A fried of mine had an Ensoniq, and he suggested that you should check with 
rubber chicken software, who apparently have such for download.
which might get you the stuff you need.  Good luck.

Cheers, Gene
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