[LAU] Ensoniq ASR-10 Boot Disk Required

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Sat Jan 5 19:44:16 UTC 2013

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> On 01/05/2013 09:12 AM, Nick Copeland wrote:
> >  > On Saturday 05 January 2013 13:22:27 Nick Copeland did opine:
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> >  > > Ensoniq bootable. Does anybody have a 3.5 boot disk with a version of
> >  > > OS later than 2.01 (I think this was the version that supported the
> >  > > SCSI driver).
> >  > A fried of mine had an Ensoniq, and he suggested that you should
> > check with
> >  > rubber chicken software, who apparently have such for download.
> >  > <http://chickensys.com/kb/eps-asr/index.html>
> >  > which might get you the stuff you need. Good luck.
> >
> > I have a feeling this need an IDE (PATA) floppy. I have four PC in house and
> > none of them have a floppy. Tested the software using VM and it failed the
> > boot disk write operation since Ensoniq had a very proprietary format.
> Maybe you can buy an internal floppy drive (I'm guessing a 3.5" floppy) 
> and add it to one of your existing PCs? Floppy disks and controllers 
> weren't very smart ...

That might work, I think at least one of the PC (they are all laptop) had anoption for FDD so it might have an IDE connector somewhere.

> dd might be able to write the floppy, too, if you get a disk image and a 
> drive that supports that format.

Long shot. DD still only writes blocks so it depends on the underlying diskdriver for the actual drive format. These are not DOS or NTFS format so AFAIKthere are no drivers for them on Linux. I did find a few references for Linux RWtools although they did not support writing bootable OS disks.
Will take one of the older laptops apart and look for the disk connector types.
Regards, nick 		 	   		  
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