[LAU] [OT] Open Source Portable Recorder?

Karl Hammar karl at aspodata.se
Thu Jan 10 00:29:22 UTC 2013

Johannes Kroll:
> Ok, if there were such a project already I guess one of you would
> know. I also found nothing on the web so there probably is none. But

Perhaps something like


I'm going forward with it in a kind of glacial pace.
Have a look at:


> A development board like the stellaris launchpad could be a good
> starting point for a prototype. It has an 80 MHz ARM CPU with floating
> point, a few KB of RAM, some flash storage for code, and the ADCs
> should be perfectly ok for audio. It's only 13 US$, and I have a
> couple of them here.
> http://www.ti.com/ww/en/launchpad/stellaris_head.html?DCMP=stellaris-launchpad&HQS=stellaris-launchpad

Yes, but if you want something open source, where do you have any
suitable libs for stellaris?
There is preliminary support in http://libopencm3.org/ (under lm3s)
but I don't think it is ready for prime time.

> The DSO nano quad is an open source oscilloscope with 2 analog inputs
> with more bandwidth than any audio recorder would need:
> http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/dso-quad-4-channel-digital-storage-oscilloscope-p-736.html

It uses a STM32F103VCT6:


It should be doable to design something around that.

/Karl Hammar

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