[LAU] LAM: A new work in progress..

James Stone jamesmstone at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 23:09:07 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

This is a short song I put together as my first foray with mixbus. As
you can probably hear, my abilities at mixing are only trumped in
terms of incompetence by my singing!  Suggestions on how to improve
things would be appreciated! I guess singing lessons are one I can
think of!

'fraid it's on soundcloud:


Direct download:


Stupidly, I named it "export.ogg". Hope this doesn't annoy people too much!

Just in case anyone is interested, the drums are (mostly) the
"Rockstock" from Analogue Drums with sfz formatting. I dropped the
"popsticks" hihats in instead tho - as they seemed to be a cleaner
recording. I sequenced in seq24 and had a separate output in
linuxsampler for each drum. Recorded all drums to mixbus in 1 pass -
which I was pleased with! However, having all the drums in separate
tracks hasn't helped me too much (see point 1)

The synth and bass are presets from yoshimi.

The badly played rhythm guitar and plucked guitar bits are thru a V-amp2.

Vocals thru a sampson C01 and mic100 preamp.

My computer and soundcard really struggled with this tho.. I think
it's time to upgrade!


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