[LAU] MIDI note input by rhythm?

Angel de Vicente angelv at iac.es
Sun Jan 13 23:05:36 UTC 2013


my first post to the list. I hope MIDI issues are appropriate for
it. I'm an amateur classical guitar player and I'm starting to use the
computer as a "partner" to play duets, trios, etc.

At the moment I just enter a score in either GNU Denemo or Rosegarden,
then just tweak a little bit the tempo and the velocities to make it
more musical and then I play along with that. But the whole thing is
very time consuming, so I'm looking for an alternative way for note
input. I am hoping for something like the following:

1. I just enter the notes, regardless of the duration of each of them.
2. Then I go into a second phase, where (using the PC keyboard or a MIDI
   keyboard) I just worry about the rhythm (the note durations). Every
   time I press a new key in the keyboard the program would play the
   next note from the ones entered in step 1. and record its duration. I
   don't care about how the score will look with these durations. I just
   want an easy way to create a more musical accompaniment. This way, at
   this step I only have to worry about the durations of each note.
3. The same idea, but for velocities, so I could easily create piano,
   fortes, crescendos, etc.

Is there any MIDI editor that would let me do something like this? If
not, do you think it could be easily implemented? If so, I could perhaps
contribute with some programming, but I would need some pointers as to
where to start (I have never done any music/MIDI programming, though I
have plenty of experience programming in other fields).

Ángel de Vicente
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