[LAU] Console based software EQ for jack

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Thu Jan 17 21:06:33 UTC 2013

Hello Stefan!
   You won't have to change the samplerate for every song you play, since your 
setup will be different in the end:
mpd -> ecasound -> mpd or jack
   So mpd will read the songs and convert to the samplerate of JACK like any 
good music player. So Ecasound wil receive the correct signal. There is no 
other way. If that wouldn't work, then you couldn't use mpd through JACK now. 
At least not, without reconfiguring. So don't worry. For the test with a file:
1. Check the samplerate of your JACK server. (say it's 44100Hz)
2. use sndfile-resample or resample (from Fon Adriaenson) like this on your 
test.wav file:
sndfile-resample -c 0 -to 44100 test.wav resampled.wav
resample --lips --16bit --wav --rate 44100 test.wav resampled.wav
   Then you can test Ecasound with this, until you have found your bearings.
   Warmly yours


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