[LAU] Radium Compressor V0.0.1

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sat Jan 19 17:20:45 UTC 2013

I'm not a lawyer. If I translated your mail correctly and as far as I know  
you're right.

There's another issue. I want to make Internet radio with a friend and I  
said that we run into an issue, the GEMA. He insists on, that if other  
friends of him, who are members of the GEMA, allow us to play their music  
for free, we won't get trouble with the GEMA, but IMO he's mistaken. It  
doesn't matter if e.g. Wino allows him to play Saint Vitus songs, if he  
should be member of the GEMA. I asked the friend to talk with him and  
others, if they are GEMA members. It's much more problematic, if we want  
to play music from people none of us does know, e.g. MC5, Radio Birdman.  
If there's a sign of the GEMA on the recordings, just a letter of some  
band member or successor with a few words, that we are allowed to play  
their music for free, AFAIK isn't legally valid. If they should have a  
contract with the GEMA, the GEMA gets money, if the artists get money ;).  
We are from the generation DIY, when bands printed on their vinyl that you  
should steal it, if the record does cost more than the price the band does  
recommend. You might know old Crass records. He's confusing the policy of  
European Punk Rock of the 80s, with people also from our age who play Doom  
and other music today, but are members of the GEMA. I don't have that much  
friends from the music business, the friend has got a lot of friends.  
Friendship doesn't make contracts null and void. I don't know who is  
member of the GEMA and who isn't, but I'm sure a lot of the music we want  
to play is from GEMA members and most of those members aren't aware about  
the contracts they signed.

If I should be mistaken, it would be nice, then there might be a new  
Internet radio available next week ;), but I guess I'm right.


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