[LAU] questions re: systemd and audio in Arch

Grekim Jennings grekimj at acousticrefuge.com
Wed Jan 23 13:05:57 UTC 2013

I installed my first Arch system about 9 months ago and was thrilled by 
the nimbleness of it.  It was also a fine learning experience.  Somehow 
I forgot to install a CD/DVD burning program at the time of install, so 
in order to do that I needed to update the whole system and that's when 
I hit the symlinks and probably a couple other issues (probably mid 
summer by this time).  So over the past weekend I installed fresh 
system.  It looked daunting on the surface, but it wasn't at all.  Just 
take notes from the help file only on what you need to cut down on the 
clutter of information.  I keep all my audio projects on separate 
internal drives so reinstalling that stuff is never an issue.  Hope you 
guys continue to have success with it!

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