[LAU] Sample rate vs. SNR

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Wed Jan 23 16:43:25 UTC 2013

On Wed, 23 Jan 2013 15:52:12 +0100, Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:
> Does it matter if the ADC is 101 db SNR or 112 db SNR?

How was this measured? IMO both values are excellent. I own very good gear  
with a SNR of 90 dB and I own crappy gear with a SNR of > 100 dB. I can't  
hear noise for the 90 dB gear, but there's audible noise for the > 100 dB  

> 96k would allow [...] better in band frequency response

Does it?

Why do sound supermarket microphones with better specifications than  
Neumann, Brauner, Schoeps, Telefunken etc. less good than those branded  

Don't believe the hype, trust your ears. I've drawn graphs by hand for one  
of the companies I worked. Is this fraud or common practise?

I've got a crappy Hifi amp (I like it anyway) the specifications show  
different values:

SNR by IHF-Kurzsschluß, A-Netzwerk 103 dB, but by DIN/50 mW 89 dB/ 69dB.

Specifications often include estimations, statistics. Do you think that  
e.g. two transistors from the same batch have got the same values? And  
will they have the same values after you heat them in the oven?

IIRC it was Fons who some times ago has written that "most devices perform  
better at 48 KHz". This is what I experienced too, while I indeed own two  
devices that did sound better at 96 KHz on my computer.


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