[LAU] USB2 Audio, PreSonus Audiobox 1818VSL -- was: Sound Devices USBPre2, UAC2 status

Kees van Veen kees.vanveen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 20:47:58 UTC 2013

>> I have not yet had any need for recording mixed analog+digital sessions
>> but I've done some S/Pdif capturing and tested ADAT.
> What sort of latency can you get down to?

I've only used the 8 analog inputs together with Mixbus on ubuntu 12.04 
lowlatency kernel. I could get to 128/3 (48k) in qjackctl and one time 
64/3 without xruns, but I think that was the ppa rt kernel, can't 
remember. I've only used the Presonus with all 8 inputs active once, 
normally I have 2 to 4 active.


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